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The study the effect of drug abuse on nigeria youths will cover the whole of surulere local government, lagos state. Although initial drug use might be voluntary, drugs of abuse have been shown to alter gene expression and brain circuitry, which in turn affect human behavior. The impact of substance use on the developing brain. Results from nidafunded research have shown that prevention programs involving families, schools, communities, and the media are effective in reducing drug abuse. Despite the known risks associated with the drugs, adolescents continue using these drugs. Impact of substance abuse on academic performance among adolescent students of colleges of education in kwara state. Drug abuse destroys peoples lives by making them irresponsible to themselves. This research work is on the effects of drug abuse among university undergraduates in nigeria. It appears that not only the use of drugs that create problems but rather their misuse. Drug abuse is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabric s of our societies, whose effects are cataclysmic as it cuts across every creed, race and social status. Global effects of drugs on the body, such as breast development in men and increases in body temperature, which can lead to other health problems. Pdf effects of substancedrug abuse on the academic. Drug law enforcement agency ndlea and other governmental agencies to stem the tide of substance abuse in nigeria, there has been a consistent rapid rise in the number of cases of drug abuse among young people ages 1024 in nigeria.

Effect of drug abuse among youth and its impact on learning a h a ibrahim, c s mahmud, b a abubakar, c a harazimi c, and d s abdulkadir a biology department, saadatu rimi college of education, p. The study investigated adolescence drug abuse among university undergraduates in university of benin edo state of nigeria. Pdf the burden of drug abuse is increasing and becoming endemic in. This paper explored the relationship between the abuse of drug and youth violence in nigeria. How an improved understanding of drug use can contribute. Effects of substance drug abuse on the academic achievement of secondary school students in mkar metropolis, gboko, benue state article pdf available january 2017 with 9,971 reads how we. The effect of drug abuse among youth in nasarawa local. This is in contrast to findings from some previous studies which had implicated cannabis as the most abused illicit drugs 2. Pdf adolescents and drugs abuse in nigeria semantic. To identify of this study also aims at looking at some of the measures aimed at eradicating the drug abuse. Drug abuse and its social impacts in nigeria sciencedirect. The causes and effects of drug addiction alta mira recovery. Chapter four discusses the challenges for the nigerian churches on drug abuse in the nigerian society. In this chapter, the researcher dwelt on what the church should do to control or stop drug abuse in nigeria.

The reasoning and thought processing abilities of the drug abuser become severely damaged. Effect of substance use on academic performance among. This work looks at drug abuse and its socioeconomic effects on youths in nigeria. To find out the implications for undergraduates involvement on drug abuse.

The nigerian national drug law enforcement agency ndlea has stated that substance abuse is a major problem in schools, colleges and universities in nigeria ndlea, 20. Pdf perception of drug abuse amongst nigerian undergraduates. Perception of drug abuse amongst nigerian undergraduates. The alarming evidence in the prevalence of drug abuse, the effects and consequences of substance.

The causes and effects of drug addiction drug addiction is not a hallmark of moral failure or lack of willpowerits a complex disease that deserves longterm, extensive treatment, just. The menace of drug abuse has eaten deep into the fabrics of our society. Significant of the study this research will be of utmost benefits to. Adolescent and drug abuse in tertiary institution implication for counselling dr. Substance abuse among students in selected secondary. One of the main effects of drug abuse on individuals is the destruction of their lives. Thus this study sought to find the factors influencing drug and substance abuse and the effects of these drug among secondary school students findings and discussion. The nigeria government have failed in its responsibility to protect the lives of its citizens from the harmful effects of drug abuse. This paper reveals the prevalence of drug abuse among adolescents in nigeria, problems associated with drugs abuse and reasons why adolescents are vulnerable to drugs abuse. One of the side effects of drug abuse is the loss of friendship and family due to these choices. The number of drug addicts is increasing daily and millions of them are living risky and miserable lives that is between life and death. A study of petroleum hawkers in minna, niger state, nigeria usman isah ndashiru a. The negative effects from drug abuse can have immediate and longterm consequences. Pdf this study examined the perception of drug abuse amongst nigerian.

Drug use in nigeria drug use in nigeria 2018 research research research research 2018 european union. Drug use nd bu the rmr reason why mn youths have been nrrtd, as well being a ur f crime nd hlth problem n our t today. Pdf this is a current project on the effects of substance abuse on ilorin youths. A study of the causes and effects of drug and substance. Drug use can hurt the people who take drugs and the people around them. Prevention is the key drug addiction is a preventable disease. Drug abuse leads to a disruption and problems in family, relationships and friendships because of changes in behavior or arguments. Drug use in nigeria 2018 united nations office on drugs. Pdf drug abuse and its effects in nigeria akonbede. To find out the drugs that is commonly abused by undergraduate students in nigeria.

The intake of overdoes drugs cannot be left out of this too. Drug abuse has some social, economic, psychological, cultural, physical, moral, and health consequences. Three research questions were formulated which include why students in universities take hard drugs whether these drugs have effects on the academic performance of students and whether peer groups have influence on drugs intake among technology education students in. Effects of drug abuse among university undergraduates in nigeria. Effect of drug abuse on nigeria youths a case study of. Once addiction develops, these brain changes interfere with an individuals ability to make voluntary decisions, leading to compulsive drug craving, seeking and use. Although many events and cultural factors affect drug abuse trends, when youths perceive drug abuse as harmful, they.

The impact of drug abuse among adolescents has been a stigma of moral decadence, violence, thugery, assault, madness and murder. Drug abuse has a lot of serious negative effects in the lives of its victims and the country. The most severe health consequences of drug abuse is death. The effect of drug abuse among youth in nasarawa local government, kano state, nigeria 20142017 journal of international politics v1 i3 2019 15 drug abuse as the use of drugs to the extent that it interferes with the health and social function. Abuse of drugs by youths and its detrimental effects on security in lafia. Contemporary issues in education research second quarter. Poor performance is the greatest effect of drug abuse among drug taking students. The effect of drug abuse among secondary school students includes abstract and chapter one, complete project material available the effect of drug abuse among secondary school students abstract the purpose of the study is to look into the effects of drug abuse, its applications on students in some selected secondary schools in egor local government. Abstractthis article examines the drug abuse on the academic performance of students in nigerian public universities. The end product is a clear liquid with alcohol content often higher than 40%.

In as much as the use abuse of drugs has become persuasive issues in recent decades, it is imperative to be acquainted with the fact that throughout history, almost every society has used psychoactive substances for medical, religious, or recreational purposes millman 1988, weiss and millman, 1989. Deaths related to synthetic opioids and heroin have seen the sharpest rise. Health consequences of drug misuse national institute on. To determine the effect of drugs abused by undergraduates in nigeria 1. Effect of drug abuse among youth and its impact on. How an improved understanding of drug use can contribute to peace and stability in nigeria nsrpinternational alert 2. Drug abuse or addiction is defined as act of habitually, consistently and perpetually taking in illegal drugs and drugs that are harmful to the body. Effects of drug and substance abuse on academic performance among secondary school students, kathonzweni district, makueni county, kenya by stellamaris kanini muoti a research project submitted to the department of educational foundations in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of master of education of university of nairobi. Drug abuse and addiction have significant effect on the academic performance of students in federal polytechnic idah. Drug abuse in nigeria causes effects and solutions. Curbing a resurgent menace the subject of drug abuse among the teeming youths in nigeria has generated heated debate in. Addiction and negative effects of drug abuse on the human.

National bureau of statistics, government of nigeria dr. This study examined the influence of drug abuse on secondary school students in relation to their. Effects of drug abuse among university undergraduates in. Pdf socioeconomic effects of drug abuse among nigerian.

Drug trafficking is an ever mounting international security problem. Substance abuse in nigeria and the new trend is becoming a significant medical, psychological, social and. Impact of substance abuse on academic performance among. The abuse of drugs in nigeria is caused by many factors including love for money by peddlers, disobedience to the laws of the country, proliferation of the market with individuals who sell medicines, lack of control of prescription in the healthcare facilities and. Nigeria, distillation takes place in small sheds dotted along the coastal areas and in villages across the south. Drug addiction and substance abuse figures are largely unavailable. Theres really very little information on how many drug users there are in nigeria. Drug and substance abuse lead to many problems in schools especially strikes which. The united nations reported only 925 people received treatment in 2004, this being the most recent figure available. Factors affecting entry into drug abuse among youths in lafia.

Side effects include red eyes, increased hunger, dry mouth, paranoia, memory loss and lack of ability to focus, hallucinations, etc. However, in nigeria many drug and law enforcement agencies have been established to reduce and control the abuse of drugs they are nafdac national agency for food and drug administration and control, ndlea national drug law enforcement agency, cpc consumer protection council of nigeria, etc drug abuse is not good let us stay away from it and help others do same. The impact of substance use on the developing brain summary the purpose of this brief is to ahighlight how brain changes during adolescence elevate the risk for substance abuse and b describe the impact of alcohol and drugs on the adolescent brain and. The petroleum hawkers who were almost exclusively males, within the age bracket 1535. Among the first crops, he cultivated included intoxicants such as wine, strong tobacco and other hard substances. Families and friends have to watch as the drug abuser pulls away and the effects of drug abuse ravage their body and mind.

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