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Help us to always remember to see its beauty and protect it as a precious gift. Primary school in gando, burkina faso in 2008, a new primary school, intended to accommodate 280 pupils from the village and the surrounding areas, was built in the village of gando in burkina faso. Gando is a village in burkina faso, in the centreest region, the boulgou province and the department of tenkodogo. As of yet, a secondary school, school library, and womens center are still under construction and pending funds. Building blocks for gando was set up by the award winning architect diebedo francis kere in 1998. Presentation of the global holcim awards gold 2012 for secondary school with passive ventilation system, gando, burkina faso lr. In a troubled region, burkina faso is a rare example of religious diversity and tolerance.

Kere, grew up in a small village which had no school infrastructure, forcing him to move to a village 40km awa y to. As a native of burkina faso, francis kere grew up with many challenges and few resources. A primary school built cooperatively by a whole village community. Secondary school with passive ventilation system, gando, burkina.

Its clay walls are topped with a double roof structure of adobe and tin that blocks the heat of the sun, making the inside up to six degrees cooler than it would be with tin alone. The rural school as a place for sustainable community development. Project update june 2012 secondary school with passive ventilation system, gando, burkina faso project update 2012 secondary school with passive ventilation system, gando, burkina faso. The university of ouagadougou, founded in 1974, was the countrys first institution of higher education. Kere recalls how the women in his village would give him their last pennies when he would return to school from holidays. Kere architecture has been recognised nationally and internationally with awards, including the aga khan award for architecture 2004 for his first building, a primary school in gando, burkina faso. School life cathy seeley, peace corps volunteer in burkina faso.

Building for the primary school of gando and extension by. The village became famous in 2004, when the architect diebedo francis kere, originating from gando and living in germany, received the prestigious aga khan award for architecture for the construction of the gando primary school. Ministry of basic education and literacy, burkina faso abstract this paper analyses aspects of the educational system of burkina faso in an attempt to envisage how it will be like at horizon 2025. Inspired by this model, two neighbouring villages now have their own new schools, built entirely with their own labour and funded. Primary school in gando extension kere architecture. The lateritic red, leached, ironbearing layer of rock that covers the underlying crystalline rocks is deeply incised by the countrys three principal riversthe black volta mouhoun, the red volta nazinon, and the white volta nakambeall of which converge. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the. The global food crisis of 20072008 was a drastic surge in food prices that lead to high rates of hunger, malnutrition, and political and economic instability in. Francis kere, a native of gando, burkina faso is a german trained architect. Building in the islamic world today covers the gando primary school project, in gando, burkina faso. Primary school by diebedo francis kere, gando, burkina faso. Philadelphia museum of art exhibitions the architecture.

As of 2008, despite efforts to improve education, the country still had the lowest adult literacy rate in the world 25. Be sure to see the related pages of photos of students, classes and colleagues. Burkina faso one level up the openstreetmap data files provided on this server do not contain the user names, user ids and changeset ids of the osm objects because these fields are assumed to contain personal information about the openstreetmap contributors and are therefore subject to data protection regulations in the european union. Keres clay modernism represents a new burkina faso, using natural and renewable materials as shown in school library gando. Raising funds through an organisation in berlin, he applied the knowledge gained through his architectural education and. In keeping with the educational mission of tippet rise, the tippet rise fund of the sidney e. If time permits, ask students to share in small groups.

Jul 16, 2009 grando primary school, gando, burkina faso. Oct 04, 2016 there, kere created an association, schulbausteine fur gando, to raise funds to build a school in his home village. These high levels of poverty found in burkina faso, combined with the soaring food prices of the global food crisis continue to contribute to burkina faso s issue of food insecurity. To safeguard burkinas model of peaceful coexistence, the government must address this sensitive issue through careful reforms, particularly in the education system. It has about 000 residents, but it does not have any se3 condary education institutions. The polytechnical university in bobodioulasso was opened in 1995. Evidence from the bright school construction program in burkina faso1 we evaluate the causal effects of a program that constructed high quality girlfriendly primary schools in burkina faso, using a regression discontinuity design 2. It also includes a few pictures of the school and staff below. Favorit book burkina faso bradt travel guide burkina faso read pdf file online. The library building forms a physical connection between the primary school and its extension, sheltering the school yard from dusty eastern winds. After the great success of the gando primary school, the construction of the school extension and school library was initiated in gando to help support the growing number of students coming from surrounding villages.

Primary school, gando, burkina faso, 2001 to ensure natural and sustainable cooling in an extremely hot region, the roof over the classrooms is elevated from the interior construction. School in gando, burkina faso, architectural design 10. But a perceived discrepancy between a significant number of muslims and their low level of public representation has created tensions. Kere was the first person from his village of gando to go to university, studying architecture in berlin, where his practice is based. A perforated clay ceiling allows for maximum ventilation. Primary school in gando kere architecture archdaily. It provides the ability to add new books from the kobo store and various ways of sorting your library of ebooks.

This page has descriptions of my teaching experience and the burkinabe school system. It is it was designed by kere, an architect living in berlin, who comes from burkina faso and very well knows the. Enrique norten, principal and founder of ten arquitectos, and head of the global holcim awards jury congratulates main author of the winning project, francis kere, and members of his team, david jun, ines bergdolt, and hanna kummerle. Aid gando primary school architecture in development. Dec 04, 2014 aerial view of gando village in burkina faso. A deep sign of affection, these women wanted to support his education in the hope that he would be able to use his knowledge to benefit the community in the future. Two years after the completion of the primary school, there was demand from more than 260 children from gando and the surrounding. A primary school extension and teachers housing were built to support the overwhelming demand of educational resources. Prototype school for aead, burkina faso local partner aead runs several primary schools in burkina faso as well as a successful and extensive programme of speed schools in the rural zondoma region.

Kere was born in the village of gando, which lies in burkina faso, west africa, and was the first member of his community to attend school. Mar 07, 2020 these school buildings will enable aead to provide education and skills training as a route out of poverty for burkina fasos next generation. The radical overhang of the schools tin roof panels provides shade around the school, catching and diffusing heat from above, at the dano secondary school in dano, burkina faso. Building in the islamic world today, edited by philippa baker. Click on a thumbnail image to see the larger photo.

Gando, province tenkodogo, burkina faso, africa architect. Burkina faso is situated on an extensive plateau, which is slightly inclined toward the south. Burkina faso secondary schools, buildings in africa earchitect. As of 2008, despite efforts to improve education, the country had the lowest adult literacy rate in the world 25. Primary school participation, survival rate to last primary grade %, 20082012, survey data 88. In addition to the gando project, this secondary school, not far from the primary school complex, is giving the graduate students the accessibility to further education. Closing prayer 5 minutes creator god, we encounter you in all you have made. Secondary school with passive ventilation system, gando. Primary school in gando, burkina faso education in burkina faso is structured in much the same way as in the rest of the world. The authors take a retrospective look at the achievements, the opportunities, and also the constraints and risks characterizing education in the country. Escuela primaria en gando gando, burkina faso 2001 arq. Jan 16, 2011 dano, burkina faso in 2001, while still a student at dano, burkina faso the berlin technical university, diebedo francis kere completed his first project. If we build with clay we will have a better future, because we will. Have students complete the burkina faso activity sheet.

Description this chapter of architecture and polyphony. Primary school at gando gando primary school archnet. Nov 01, 2012 school in gando, burkina faso brislin, paul 20121101 00. Burkina faso gross enrolment rate in primary school.

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