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Almost a century after his death, indian maths genius srinivasa ramanujans cryptic deathbed theory has been proven correct and scientists say. Ramanujans formula can explain behaviour of black holes. There is a related rogers ramanujan function s after leonard james rogers, who published papers with ramanujan in 1919. But, in one of his letters to a friend, he wrote that he had no time to look into them and most probably he did not put them to use during his. The preface to the collected papers of srinivasa ramanujan iii, p. Magic squares, theory of partitions, ramanujan s contribution to the concept of highly composite numbers, expressions for. Ramanujan took these notebooks with him to cambridge. Ramanujans number, a symmetric equation and ramanujans. Srinivasa iyengar, was an accountant to a cloth mer chant in kumbakonam. When, on the other hand, the ramanujan function is generalised, the number 24 is replaced by the number 8. Very little is known about his father and not even a photograph of his seems to be available.

The geometric version of continued fractions is known as the rogers ramanujan function r. Ramanujans notebooks the institute of mathematical sciences. Formulas of ramanujan for the power series coefficients of certain. Ndenote the number of ways in which n can be expressed as m2 cn2.

A note on mathematics genius srinivasa ramanujan, frs article pdf available in international journal of information technology and decision making january 2014 with 42,284 reads. Ramanujan derived infinite series representations for the coefficients of certain modular forms of negative weight which are not. Highly composite numbers claude bernard university lyon 1. In this indian name, the name srinivasa is a patronymic. Some of these infinite series have been studied, for positive integer values of s, by several authors and we refer to euler 7, 81, nielsen 181. Ramanujan notebooks iii riemann hypothesis solutions. Life and work of the mathemagician srinivasa ramanujan. Srinivasa ramanujan made substantial contributions to the analytical theory of numbers and worked. Pdf contributions of srinivasa ramanujan to number theory. His mother was komalattammal and erode was her parental home. If youre looking for a free download links of ramanujans lost notebook.

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