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Magnificent obsession is a more mysterious beast, one that doesnt work without a belief in sirks form. It mixes credits, art and an essay from critic geoffrey obrien to end the package well. Wayne hudson, has his own hospital in detroit, a worrisome playgirl daughter, and a beautiful young bride. Douglass 1929 potboiler with irene dunne as the widowed helen hudson and robert taylor as bob merrick. Having a magnificent obsessionthe secret no one talks. For their part, the criterion collections new transfer of magnificent obsession does. Magnificent obsession by douglas sirk douglas sirk, jane. To capitalize on this newly earned stardom, sirk and hudson as well as jane wyman, the star of magnificent obsession made all that heaven allows, another movie ostensibly about a young hunk in love with an older, more conventional.

However, while it does share some elements in common a hitman inadvertently blinds a young singer and sets out to make amends for his. The life of spoiled rich robert merrick is saved through the use of a hospitals only resuscitator, but because the medical device cannot be in two places at once, it results in the death of dr. The 1935 magnificent obsession included in criterions 2disc set is a rickety stack of accidents and ironies. Hudson became a huge star as a result of being in magnificent obsession. The 1935 and 1954 versions of magnificent obsession the new. Magnificent obsession the criterion collection blu. Rock hudson plays bob merrick, a reckless playboy who is indirectly responsible for the death of a kindly and muchbeloved doctor. The criterion collection has issued both versions of magnificent obsession as a doubledisc set, a release similar to universals pairing of the stahl 1934 and sirk 1959 versions of. And suredepending on what a person is obsessed with, that can be true. It isnt even, by the measure of your average sirk enthusiast, his first masterpiece. Magnificent obsession is a remake without the magnetism of the original film.

When most people think of the word obsession, they feel its a bad thing. Magnificent obsession film analysis senses of cinema. Sirks first collaboration with rock hudson, whom he made a star with magnificent obsessionhe centers the film set in the nineteentwenties on a rich and famous old man. The 1935 and 1954 versions of magnificent obsession. Magnificent obsession was previously filmed in 1935, also by universal, as magnificent obsession with irene dunne and robert taylor. Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing magnificent obsession near you. Magnificent obsession 1936 movie clip sparking plug. The charm and chemistry of irene dunne and robert taylor are unrivalled.

I suppose magnificent obsession could best be described as a religious soap opera. The latest film from pedro almodovar stars antonio banderas as salvador. Hudson, a selfless, brilliant surgeon and generous philanthropist. With irene dunne, robert taylor, charles butterworth, betty furness. The story has minor modifications, actually updates and color, but the black and white movie of 1935 is better and better.

As a director, douglas sirk showed an excellent eye for visuals but his preference for sappy melodrama means magnificent obsession provokes too many eye. Magnificent obsession soundtrack from 1954, composed by frederic chopin, frank skinner, johann strauss ii, ludwig van beethoven. Stahls 1935 adaptation of the same novel, newly restored. Magnificent obsession is a 1954 technicolor drama romantic film directed by douglas sirk starring jane wyman and rock hudson. D ouglas sirks magnificent obsession wasnt the german expatriates first film made in hollywood, his first collaboration with frothy producer ross hunter, or his first dabbling in the genre of melodrama. Magnificent obsession 1954 magnificent obsession 1954. Douglas sirks magnificent obsession slant magazine. Full synopsis in the small town of brightwood, millionaire playboy bob merrick recklessly crashes his speedboat, and after the towns only resuscitator is requisitioned to save his life, hospital head dr. The one that really started it all and made rock hudson a star, in this classic love story with more ups and downs than a rollercoaster and just as bumpy. The articles will contain the films plot outline, director, cast, a compilation of trivialities, various photos, movie trailer, critical reception and more.

Interview from 2009 with screenwriter robert blees. Criterions presentation of magnificent obsession is in 2. Trailer for douglas sirks 1954 film magnificent obsession, starring rock hudson and jane wyman. Color reproduction is natural and when viewing closer shots between hudson and kruger even have a bit of image detail to them. Douglas, has a plot so outrageous that even director sirk reportedly told a film critic, this is a damned. Its definitely the kind of film that both of its stars, irene dunne and robert taylor would identify with in real life given their politics which were on the right. The movie was set in scotland but filmed mostly in ireland. Magnificent obsession 1954 jane wyman rock hudson all. The two versions of magnificent obsession are available together in a dvd package released by criterion. These materials form the basis for the most complete scholarly work on the movie, robert l. What location was the movie magnificent obsession filmed. Magnificent obsession is a beautiful, albeit cheesy, melodrama that burst with luscious set pieces and repressed emotion.

Magnificent obsession, a wildly overthetop tearjerker based on the book by lloyd c. Interviews from 2008 with filmmakers allison anders and kathryn bigelow, in which they pay tribute to director. Magnificent obsession is a 1935 drama film based on the novel of the same name by lloyd c. All region 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 all free you can paly this dvd on all dvd players. Directed by 1 writing credits 6 cast 48 produced by 1 music by 1 cinematography by 1 film editing by 1 art direction by 2 set decoration by 2 costume design by 1. A rich playboy whose recklessness inadvertently causes the death of a prominent doctor tries to make amends to his widow, and falls for her in the process. Douglass 1929 potboiler with irene dunne as the widowed helen hudson and robert taylor as bob merrick, the sportsmanturneddoctor who shakes up her world. Like any other sirk movie, its pungent with melodrama and youll often ask yourself if people really talk like. Lewis the first world war laid waste to a continent and permanently altered the. Magnificent obsession, was his first book written and published after he retired from the pulpit around 1928. Sirk sometimes claimed that the story was based distantly on the greek legend of alcestis. One cant watch the film today in the same way one would all that heaven allows, focusing on sirks aheadofhistime attack on smalltown mentality. How appropriate then that this books main subject centers around his old boss, the galilean from nazareth. The protagonist of magnificent obsession, brilliant brain surgeon dr.

Magnificent obsession 2002 reckless playboy robert merrick rock hudson is in a boat accident, and his condition requires a resuscitator to save his life. This sumptuously shot tearjerker makes best use of its absurd storytelling and gives us some strong performances to overall create a rather enjoyable, simple love story to throb and cry over. Cinematography by 1 film editing by 1 art direction by 2 set decoration by 2 costume design by 1 makeup department 2 production management 1 second unit director or assistant director 3 sound department 2 special effects by 1. Magnificent obsession 1954 the criterion collection. Irene dunne on the set of magnificent obsession in the. Audio commentary from 2008 featuring film scholar thomas doherty magnificent obsession, john m. Magnificent obsession 1954 directed by douglas sirk. Escaped from the hospital with the aid of his man horace arthur treacher, playboy robert robert taylor has no idea that stranded motorist helen irene dunne is the vengeful widow of the famous doctor whose death he sortof caused, early in magnificent obsession, 1936. With jane wyman, rock hudson, agnes moorehead, otto kruger. Magnificent obsession dvd, 2009, criterion collection. The screenplay was written by robert blees and wells root, after the 1929 book magnificent obsession by lloyd c. Steven curtis chapman magnificent obsession lyrics. The untold story of how the first world war shaped the lives, faith, and writings of j.

It was one of four of his books that were eventually made into blockbuster motion pictures, the other three being the robe, white banners and the big fisherman. Dec 26, 2012 irene dunne on the set of magnificent obsession in the company of charles butterworth 1935 stay safe and healthy. Douglas novel, starring irene dunne and robert taylor. Magnificent obsession jane wyman rock hudson barbara rush 1954 a guiltstricken playboy rock hudson becomes a physician to atone for his role in the death of a womans jane wyman husband and the accident that. Stanwyck goes to town in a very immoral and, certainly for the time, daring role as she flirts and tries to manipulate all around. Be my magnificent obsession yeahyeah, yeah, yeah so capture my heart again, take me to depths ive never been into the riches of your grace and your mercy return me to the cross, and let me be completely lost in the wonder of the love that youve shown me cut through these chains that tie me down to so many lesser things, let all my dreams.

Douglas sirk directed a lot of films that capitalized on the melodramas that were highly popular in the fifties. Douglas sirk remembers 1991, a documentary by eckhart schmidt. Magnificent obsession criterion collection dvd 1954. Douglas sirk remembers 1991, a documentary by eckhart schmidt interview from 2009 with screenwriter robert blees interviews from 2008 with filmmakers allison anders and kathryn bigelow. The sirkhudson connection the current the criterion. Douglas spiritual novel magnificent obsession is in its own way as successful as the first filmed in 1935 in glossing over the plot holes and logic gaps in the original novel. But when it comes to defining what you want in life, focusing on it and going after itthen you must have a. Magnificent obsession by the four lads from 1960 their vocal version of the music that was the theme of the 1954 film by the same name staring rock hud.

Marisa tomei, who costars as frankies friend ilene, a moviebusiness hair. Criterions doubledisc edition of magnificent obsession shines a light on two directors, four stars, and one author. Stahls 1935 adaptation of the same novel, newly restored from ufa to hollywood. Also sign me up for fanmail to get updates on all things movies. Anne wants us to embrace the magnificent obsession by leaving everything behind, letting everything go, trusting everything completely, lifting everything up, and casting anne graham lotz billy grahams daughter is a fabulous teacher who encourages us to develop a personal relationship with god. Released by decca records in 1954 dl 8078 containing music from magnificent obsession 1954. But, in retrospect, it was the decisive turning point in his late career boom, in which he. Some sources suggest john woos the killer 1989 is a further remake of magnificent obsession. Even more so for irene dunne who was a prominent catholic lay person. Magnificent obsession is a 1954 technicolor drama romantic film directed by douglas sirk. Magnificent obsession the criterion collection bluray. Magnificent obsession 1954 journeys in classic film.

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